Keep Investing in Your People

happy-employees on employee screening blogAs we wait for our economy to come out of recession, smart employers will continue to find ways to invest in employees to keep their companies going strong.

One way to do it is to keep working on your company culture—which we’ve discussed previously in this blog. An important thing to remember is that creating a strong company culture isn’t about spending money. It’s about bringing employees into a shared vision and purpose.

How do you find the people who share your company’s vision and purpose? Look for a passion for what you’re doing. It can’t always be about the money—especially in this economy! Employees understand that companies are cutting expenses, perks, and benefits. Belief in what their employer is doing is more important to many young people today.

Your company’s culture is based in the leadership from the top—so it’s up to you to give your employees what they’re looking for. These days, more employers are offering a relaxed work environment, flexible hours, and telecommuting. But every employer can provide the upbeat, vibrant surroundings, positive feedback, and learning opportunities that make employees want to stay and help the company achieve success.

How do you get employees to buy into your leadership? Your employees want to learn and be challenged. Be transparent to help them learn everything about you and your company. Give them opportunities to stretch and grow. Invest in your employees by training them properly and giving them the tools they need to succeed at their jobs.

Think about recruiting your employees even after they’ve been hired. Recruit their ideas, their input, their buy in, and their loyalty. And institute their suggestions for improvements–nothing makes employees happier than to see a suggestion acted upon.

If you invest wisely in your people, they will want to support you and the company’s vision—because it’s their vision, too.

A company culture of strong leadership doesn’t cost anything—and it leads to higher productivity, lower turnover, and greater customer satisfaction.

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