Before You Place an Ad to Hire an Employee, Do Some Advance Planning

One sure way to build a great workforce is planning. As your business grows, or even if you already have a large company and want to improve your processes, there are steps you should take before you even place the ad for a new hire.

Determine Need

The first step is to clearly determine the need for a new or replacement position. Determine if the work can be accomplished another way through improved processes, workload distribution, eliminating redundant or out of date procedures.

Plan the Hire

Once the decision to hire is made, conduct planning meetings with any other current staff that will be involved working with the newly hired position. Develop the list of the key requirements of the job, as well as other desired traits for the new employee. From that information, develop or rewrite the job description and a pay range. Make a final determination of the affordability to your company of hiring a new employee at this time.

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