Now is the Time to Delegate

CB056550If your company has downsized to cut expenses lately, you’re likely facing the need to produce at pre-recession levels—or higher—with fewer people to do the job. You know that you need everyone to pull together now, but how do convince your staff to do it?  

Your employees know what’s going on in the job market, and most are probably thrilled to still have one. This is certainly not a something to take advantage of, but it can turn into a win-win situation. If your employees are more motivated and loyal, and you’re communicating your expectations clearly while treating everyone fairly, you may find them willing and ready to take on more responsibility. The happy result? You get the help you need, and your employees learn new skills, making them happier, more loyal, and more valuable. 

How do you delegate without making your staff feel overworked? Present your requests as opportunities for learning new skills or taking on leadership or management roles, not as another entry on an employee’s to do list. Empowering your employees to make decisions will help bring your company through this crucial economic time. 

Remember to build in a feedback procedure and be sure that every delegated task or project has a concrete timeline, so that everyone feels a sense of accomplishment.

5 Ways to Empower Employees Through Delegation

1. Give your employees a sense of ownership in the project; encourage questions and suggestions.

2. Don’t give out pieces of a task—let the person know the overall goal or purpose of the project so they understand it completely.

3. Don’t just hand over a project and walk away. Interact, ask for feedback, and know for sure that the employee understands exactly what you expect before you turn it over.

4. Help them know when they’re finished: take the time to explain your request thoroughly and paint a picture of what the outcome should look like.

5. Tell your staff at what points you’ll need progress reports or feedback. Let them know they’re on their own, but not all alone. 

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