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Traits to Look for when Hiring Employees

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Every business has different needs from its employees. A day-care center and a lawn-care service both have “care” in their names, but if the nanny is better with chrysanthemums than with kids, he or she is not going to fill the day care owner’s needs.

Still, there are plenty of basic traits employers like to see in their job applicants. We surveyed a few employers who are hiring right now about the most important qualities their new employees have. NO matter how smart, how educated, or how articulate a job-seeker is, remember this list when you’re hiring—because these are the qualities that really count!

Christine, a communications company owner, said, “First, I look for talent, then creativity. Everyone has a gift, and my job as an employer is to figure out how each employee’s talent can benefit my company. Creativity is absolutely essential. I can’t be the only one to solve problems. Having creative people around spurs ideas, growth, and helps us overcome challenges.”

Joseph, a construction company manager, looks for honesty and integrity, a positive attitude, and flexibility when he’s hiring new employees. “I know it’s difficult to judge these qualities through a job interview. That’s why we conduct background checks to make sure we’re hiring honest people. Past employers will tell me if a candidate has integrity. And asking the right questions reveals the person’s attitude and flexibility. These are traits that I cannot teach an employee—and I don’t have the time to deal with anyone’s bad attitude or rigidity.”

“I like to hire adults,” says Cynthia, a financial services HR manager. “Follow-through is important. Our supervisors don’t want employees who just don’t do what they say they’lll do. And who has time to follow-up to make sure they do their job? So, self-reliance and drive are two other qualities I definitely look for in a job candidate.”

To Kevin, owner of a small organic farm, three things are all that matter: “Passion. Confidence. And the desire to work. I can teach anyone how to do their job if they have those three attributes going for them.”

Heather owns a tech-services company. She says, “To me, adaptability is key. Things in our business change every day. Employees who are stuck in a rut or work only within the limits of their job description are just not going to succeed here. So, I don’t hire anyone without demonstrated adaptability. If they’re highly responsible and smile a lot, that also helps them when I’m deciding whom to hire.

If you’re an employer getting ready to hire again, keep these traits in mind, and see how they fit within your company’s needs and culture. Some qualities are just good for employees to have!