A Targeted Approach to Hiring Employees

Hiring employeesHuman Resources pros and business owners are facing unprecedented numbers of applicants for limited—or zero—job openings. It’s nearly impossible to review every single resume, and it’s not efficient to even try.

Hiring has become more about recruiting than passive receiving of applications and resumes. Some employers are avoiding the resume onslaught by eliminating job postings altogether, preferring to use outreach strategies instead. Here are some tips to target your employee search and avoid the time-waste of reviewing hundreds of resumes:

  1. Go online! is the go-to professional social networking site. If you’re unfamiliar with LinkedIn, do yourself a favor and join. It’s free (they do have a paid option), and it’s a great place to “meet” other professionals from across the country—or across the ocean. Start building connections, join appropriate groups, and let everyone know when you’re looking for new talent. LinkedIn even has a search-by-industry feature.
  2. Check out your industry’s continuing education opportunities. Whether you’re looking for an accountant, a finance professional, support staff, or a marketing manager, you’ll find online and face-to-face training courses geared toward them. Find out where and when they are happening, and let the course or workshop leader know you have a hiring opportunity. People who are working on improving their skills could make great employees.
  3. Ask around. Talk to your vendors: they probably know lots of companies in your industry. They may know a fantastic worker who just left one of them. Talk to your employees. Chances are very good their friends and family members know someone who’s looking for a job.
  4. Be social. Attend local business events and networking opportunities. Hand out cards, make new contacts, and let folks know what you need. Your next recruit could be right in front of you. If not, you’ll make valuable contacts who might send someone your way in the future.
  5. Be social online. Twitter is probably the fastest way to send word around to the largest group of people. You can’t set up your account and instantly have thousands of followers (unless you’re Bill Gates or Oprah), but it’s a great way to build connections over time. When you need those connections, they’ll be ready to help you find a good employee.

Next time you’re hiring employees, try a more targeted approach—and spare yourself the time you would have spent reading all those unacceptable resumes, hoping for the right one to jump out of the pile!

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