Leadership Tips: Start with a Vision

revers on employee screening blogQuickBooks developer and NetBooks founder Ridgley Evers believes in using technology to make running small businesses easier. In a recent interview, he discussed how he’s currently combining his passion for small business, technology, and food at DaVero, his Sonoma, California farm, where they grow olive trees, grapes, and fruit trees, and make a variety of wines and olive oils.

According to Evers, all businesses, large and small, start with a vision, and leaders work backwards to determine the right path to reach it. Fulfilling a vision can take a few years, or in the case of DaVero’s olive trees—centuries!  But not knowing the company’s vision or purpose is a crucial misstep made by many businesses—one that can lead to their downfall.

Evers’s idea of success is to create a sustainable business and lead people forward to the vision. And, he says, it’s even more important in a small business that everyone is moving toward a common vision.

To make that happen in your company, spend time with new employees to help them understand why your company matters—and where it’s going. You should also ensure that each employee understands their individual role in the bigger vision.  Creating a sense of pride among employees will make them more likely to buy into the company’s goals—which leads to higher loyalty and less turnover.

Evers also laid out the four things he believes every successful businesses does:

1. Focus first on the customer. Concentrate on satisfying each one.

2. Have an authentic voice—so customers understand what the company is about and where it’s going.

3. Hire slowly, but fire quickly. Take the proper care when hiring new employees, but when you make a mistake, cut your losses and move on.

4. Know when to ask for help.

Small business owners are building what is will be their most important asset—so running it well pays off both in the short and long term. Identify and stay focused on the company vision—it’s the first step in every successful business.

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