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When to Hire: Making the Leap From Solopreneur to Employer

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Hiring Employees on Employee Screening BlogWhat does it mean to hire your first employee? Hiring employees is a major growth point that really takes a small business to another level. While it’s not easy knowing you’re completely responsible for your own livelihood, it’s quite another to take on another person’s. Talk about pressure to perform! No employer wants to hire an employee, only to have to let them go when business falters.

So, how do you know when it’s the right time to hire? Many business managers believe that a business should stay lean—especially in this economy. Plenty of successful companies run with fewer people than they really need. You might approach hiring by asking yourself the question, “is it going to be nice to have this person, or do I absolutely need this person?”  Having a bare-bones staff actually adds to the development of employees’ talents and abilities. Asking for more creativity and problem solving from employees allows them to grow and discover where they can excel.

Letting Go
We’ve all heard a business owner say, “I’d rather do it myself than tell someone else how to do it.” Hiring employees means a business owner must get used to letting go of a number of responsibilities—some of which they’ve been performing since day one. As a single-employee business, an owner is often salesperson, marketing department, financial officer and janitor—and can easily fall into the mind set that nobody cares as much, so no one will perform these tasks with the same level of care as they will.

But nobody can do everything a business needs to run successfully forever. In the short term, perhaps—but if your business is not growing, it’s dying. As an owner, you should be thinking forward, planning growth and strategy, and making the big decisions. This includes knowing when it’s time to hire staff to handle the everyday tasks. Not letting go can lead to a less successful business in the long term.

Balance Staffing with Customer Service
There is a balance between running a lean company and falling short on customer service. Obviously, customers must come first to keep sales healthy, and if your staffing level does not serve the customer, something needs to change. Foster a company culture where employees feel free to communicate their own and the customers’ concerns regarding service levels. Ask your staff for feedback and let them know that you are committed to customer service first.

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